‘A Life Without Recipes’ means being you, unabashedly.

My motto: nothing is universal. One specific fitness plan, diet, way of cooking, and fashion style may not be suitable to everyone; individuals need to hone in on what works for them in these fields, highlighting their talents, bodies, abilities and personalities.

A New Yorker by birth, in 2010 I packed up and moved across the world to Tel Aviv, which I knew was my home and my destiny. My decision to uproot, coupled with many things I realized about myself and about life in the process inspired me to want to inspire others.

I hope my blog serves as a jumping-off point by which my readers can reference and extract information from a variety of relatable and interesting topics to find and even create the fitness plan, food plan, way of cooking, and style of dress (or even career path, lifestyle and more) that works for them and only them…

Self love from me to you,


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